Tesla Plaid Takes on TT Lambo, Camaro ZL1 and McLaren 720S – Track Rolls

October 4th, 2021

Please excuse me for taking a minute to get over this all-electric sedan whipping everyone at the dragstrip – well, not everyone but you see what I’m saying. A pair of Plaid sedans are featured in this clip. Neither have undergone any form of weight reduction and both are on stock Pirelli tires.

The blue Plaid draws an 800hp Camaro ZL1 for the first (roll) race. The Camaro gets the initial jump before the Tesla “swooshes” around him to take the win. The result is a top speed of 153 mph (161 mph just past the finish line) for the “golf kart”.

Next up, the blue Plaid is pitted against a modified McLaren 720S. This car looks really fast. The two competitors roll to the start line and amazingly, the Tesla easily walks away from the 720S on the way to a 149 mph top speed win.

This time a twin turbocharged Lamborghini Huracan rolls to the line against the Plaid. The Huracan is capable of making in excess of 1200hp. The Lamborghini leaves like a savage (maybe a little early/fast) and defeats the Tesla with a top speed of 166mph. The Plaid ran a 149 mph pass.

Tons more roll and drag racing on this video.

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