Tesla Model S P85D vs P90D Ludicrous Drag and Roll Races

June 18th, 2016


It’s a race many Tesla owners have been waiting for, a Tesla P90D with the $10,000 optional Ludicrous mode from the factory vs a Tesla P85D that has been upgraded from Insane mode to Ludicrous mode at a Tesla service center a cost of $5,000.  The reasoning behind the less expensive upgrade option for existing P85D owners was because the P90D with Ludicrous mode came out so quickly after the P85D with Insane mode leaving early adopters who spent big $$ on the P85D behind.

While Tesla states that an upgraded P85D with Ludicrous isn’t as quick as the P90D with Ludicrous the 1/4 mile numbers were showing that they should be very close with the best time for a P90D at 11.15 and the P85D at 11.224.  Of course these times were recorded at different tracks with unknown conditions with regards to the state of charge for each car, etc.

The best way to see any differences is to run them at the same time, against each other at the same state of charge, which is what is shown in the video below with both cars fully charged and Maximum Battery Power enabled.  Max charge for the P90D was showing 255 miles and the P85D was showing 248 miles.

Some other notes to consider is that the P90D is running aftermarket wheels from Pulse which are 4-7 pounds lighter per wheel than the OEM Tesla wheels and the P90D has the pano roof while the P85D does not.  The additional weight for the pano roof has been reported to be anywhere from 70-150 pounds.

Enjoy the videos below!