Tesla Model S Hidden Menus Reveal Possible Upcoming Features

May 6th, 2013

We have some screens shots of some hidden menus on a Tesla Model S which reveals some very interesting information about some possible upcoming features Tesla might have in store for it’s Model S.  In the APPS section there are options for an Image Viewer, Sketch Pad, and Scheduler along with a few testing apps.

Even more interesting is the DATA area which shows configuration options for Blind Spot Detection, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Departure Warning Systems all of which are currently not available in the Model S.  Also shown is a really cool diagram showing the current status of the battery management, charging and cooling systems.

In the settings area there are additional options such as a top speed limiter and derate sport torque.  While those are interesting we were really hoping for a Launch Control option with some more torque off the line to get the Model S into the 11’s at the drag strip.

Holding down the Tesla Logo in the top middle of the Model S 17″ touch screen for 5 seconds and releasing brings up a prompt for a password which allows access to these screens.   No, we don’t have the password and we highly recommend not getting into these hidden menus as they could cause major issues with the Model S if not properly used.

Below is a video showing how to access the hidden menu password prompt along with some screen shots of what’s in the hidden menus.

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