Tesla Gigafactory Behind the Scenes Video Tour and Picture Gallery

August 2nd, 2016


When Tesla invites you out to tour their multi-billion dollar Gigafactory and see Elon Musk present his plan for world wide electrification, you go, so I booked a flight to the “Biggest Little City”, aka Reno, Nevada to get an inside look at the newly operational Gigafactory.  The factory is actually about 20 miles outside of Reno in a small town call Sparks that will soon be growing with up to 10,000 Tesla workers set to move in over the next couple of years as the factory expands to it’s full capacity of up t0 10 Million square feet, making it the 2nd largest building in the world for usable space.

With hundreds of Tesla employees and Tesla Owners in attendance from all over the world,  Tesla is the new Apple with their cult-like following.  Demand was high for limited number of non-transferrable invites and their guest spots were being traded around the internet like super bowl tickets.  Tesla put on a great show with food, open bar, live music, Gigafactory tours, a look at the new Model 3, rides in Tesla’s as well as Elon Musk presenting his Master plan for Tesla and taking questions from the audience.

Even at just 14% completed the Gigafactory is huge and production of Tesla Powerwalls had already begun as you’ll see in the video and pictures below.  Watch Tesla autonomous robots move about the factory carrying parts and saying “Welcome to Tesla” as well as large stationary robots moving quickly to get the PowerWalls for homes and businesses out the door.

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