Super Sleeper – 9-Second Chevy SS

February 20th, 2019

Nothing I like better than a really stealthy street sleeper. This 2015 Chevrolet SS has been transformed into just such a masterpiece. In all practicality, it looks stock. The only real giveaway – without opening the hood – is the drag racing rubber and the beautiful sound of the exhaust.

Jeff, the owner of this capable Chevrolet sedan sleeper, sent to Australia for the unique Harrop supercharger that rests gently atop its 6.2-liter V8 perch. In addition to the Harrop (Eaton) 2650 blower, the cylinder heads and camshaft have been upgraded, along with the exhaust and the fuel system (DSX pump and ID1300 injectors). Output is dyno certified at 892whp. The transmission is also stock and the car has posted a best quarter-mile elapsed time of 9.84-seconds @ 142.63 mph.

This video is good for several quarter-mile passes at the dragstrip before putting you in the passenger seat for an assault on the streets of Mexico. Climb in, buckle up, and hold on!


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