Street Science – 950HP Corvette ZR1 vs. The World – Street Hits

June 30th, 2022

Tonight, the Street Science TX (SSTX) crew is jumping on the interstate (in Mexico) to break some hearts. These mad scientists have prepared a ProCharged Corvette ZR1 in which they will carry out their assault. Without further ado, let’s load up and hit the highway for some roll racing fun.

The first contest of the evening is between the SSTX ZR1 and a Mustang GT500 with mad modifications. The Ford is claiming 1000HP and it sounds like it. This hit will initiate at 50 mph. The two cars come up to speed and begin the first hit. The Corvette lurches ahead and leaves the GT500 like he’s sitting still. Ouch – that’s gotta hurt. Hit number two goes better for the Ford. After the ‘Vette jumps out front, the Mustang comes back and gets a W. Third hit is the tiebreaker. This time the Chevy pulls ahead and takes a close victory.

An MT82 twin turbocharged Coyote Mustang wants some of the Corvette next. He pulls alongside and both cars accelerate violently. Again, the ZR1 proves to be too much for the pony car.

Yet another Mustang rolls onto the scene next. This time it’s a twin turbo T56 in blue. He’s claiming 1000HP. These two engage in a pair of hits that are very competitive. Each car takes home a win with no tiebreaker.

Many more close street hits on this clip.

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