Street Roll – Turbo Mustang vs. ZR1 Corvette

December 14th, 2016

street-roll-turbo-mustang-vs-zr1-corvetteIt has been said, where horsepower is concerned, there is no replacement for displacement. Certainly, I am all about the cubic inches, but recent developments in forced air induction have made racing a V6 or even a four-cylinder more feasible than ever. Of course, I always like to go with the strategy of building a monster V8 (with low compression specifically for power adders) injecting it with nitrous and then adding a supercharger or a couple of turbos – but that’s just one man’s path.

There s something extremely rare in this video. It is so rare that it is seldom seen on street or strip. What is it, you say? It is a Mustang dusting a Corvette – I can hear the gasps – just try and understand that a picture is worth a thousand words, then take a deep breath and check out the multiple GoPro angles. I kid you not; it’s like seeing a tyrannosaurus rex wandering through Central Park East in broad daylight. A Mustang beating a Chevrolet on the streets (of Mexico) – a rarity indeed!

Seriously though, the feature Ford has a built Coyote engine with a pair of Bullseye turbochargers and is making 700hp (he says with a wink and a nod). This car blasts off from a 70 mph roll like rocket and looks good doing it. There is a fleet of Corvettes and a pretty fast V6 turbo Mustang too. Good roll racing video.


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