Street Racing Cali-Style – Roll and Dig

May 13th, 2019

Let’s head to Northern California (Mexico) – where the beaches are warm and the nights are cool – for some street racing action.

On hand for two sessions of racing are all types of power-adders, numerous makes, and multiple setups. There are supercharged, turbocharged, naturally aspirated, and nitrous enhanced vehicles from the U.S. and abroad. Here we go!

The morning session is focused solely on dig racing. The first contest is between a C6 Corvette (408 cubic-inch motor, ProCharger, nitrous – 930hp) and a naturally aspirated Chevy Camaro Z28. Both cars cut the light precisely and the Camaro totes the front. He stays in the lead until midway when the C6 drives around him FTW.

Next up is a contest between a pair of Corvettes. On the left is a C6 and in the right lane is a C5. Both cars balk on the start and the C6 gets the edge. Good folks in blue – doing their jobs – came along and end the morning session abruptly.

The evening session (with dual camera cars) is for roll racing. The first passes of the night showcase a whole herd of supercharged Corvettes in various stages of modification. It is loud and rowdy roll racing.

Three-wide for the next pass. There is a Ford Mustang GT500, a Dodge Charger Hellcat, and – you guessed it – a Corvette. Camera car took the win.

Lot’s more action on this clip; including a BMW Wagon with a Toyota 2JZ (turbo) swap. Wild!

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