Street Racing – 1500HP Bugatti Chiron

October 2nd, 2017

With four-turbochargers and a meticulously crafted W16 engine, the all-wheel drive Bugatti Chiron is priced at a cool $3.5-million. This monster of a vehicle leaves conventional performance vehicles in its dust – on the street or track.

Under the disillusioned premise that we could stay in the same zip code with the Bugatti Chiron, we hit the streets (of Mexico) in our Jaguar SVT for a bit of a video adventure.

Keep in mind that the Jag is capable of making 575hp and it’s one of the fastest – if not the single fastest – production vehicle that jaguar has ever built. Having that said; the Bugatti walked away from our flat-out best as though we were sitting still. Despite all that the pretty kitty could muster, the Chiron effortlessly accelerated until it was completely out of sight – astonishing!

This is truly an amazing car. It looks like something from a science fiction film and has an exhaust note that both tickles your ears and makes the hair stand-up on back of your neck.

Check out the video. There are multiple street hits and numerous camera angles (from inside and outside the Bugatti).

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