Street Hits – Corvette ZR1 vs TT Lambo vs Nissan GT-R

April 18th, 2019

Greetings street racers and racing fans from every walk if life. It’s street racing time again! This time, we are dropping down south of the border for some top-tier roll racing on the freeway.

On hand are exotics, imports, and domestics – in various states of modification. All are purpose-built with roll racing in mind. It has been said that good things come to those who wait – but that’s not true in roll racing. Good things come to those who don’t take too long to spool up and build enough boost to fly through the top end. Let’s see who has the gifts.

Up first is a TT Lamborghini Huracan (EuroPower Stage 2 Kit) against a Nissan GT-R with unknown mods. Nissan takes the hit but the Lambo snubs him out and walks away FTW.

Next, a Mustang (Procharger D1-X) rolls on the Lambo. Again, the Ford takes the hit but the Lambo gaps him mercilessly in multiple hits.

Now, the Midnight Performance ‘Vette ZR1 (cylinder heads and camshaft upgraded, high-performance exhaust, bolt-ons) gets a turn at the Italian bully. First hit is a close one, but the Chevy gets dialed-in for the second hit and annihilates the Lambo.

Great night of roll racing.

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