Street Digs – $9000 Winner Take All

April 2nd, 2019

Greetings drag and street racing fans! Welcome to Mexico for a day of big money, small tire street racing with our host, Lumpy. Maximum tire size is 29.5-inch. Racing is single elimination and the buy-in is $300. There are 28 vehicles campaigning. This should be very interesting.

It is just a coincidence that this contest takes place around TX2K19. Some of the racers may have taken the action from the strip to the street for this heated competition – but who knows? Let’s get it on!

Rules are simple: Don’t jump early. Don’t cross the center-line. Cross the finish line before your competitor. Keep doing it until the end and take home the money. Simple, huh?

Round 1 begins with the Unicorn Hunter (Turbo LSX) Firebird against the Blueberry (small block Ford engine with nitrous) Ford Maverick. The Pontiac jumps out front and stays there FTW.

The next race pits the all-wheel drive Jeepers Creepers (LSX turbo) against the blown HEMI powered Duster known as the Sexy Redhead. The Mopar squats down and hugs the street all the way to victory.

It’s the third race of Round 1 and we have a naturally aspirated LSX Camaro in the left lane and the EZ Money (small block Chevrolet engine with nitrous) chopped-top Chevy Luv pickup in the right lane. EZ Money comes out hard; takes the lead and holds out FTW.

There is tons more street racing action on this clip. Have a look.

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