Street Car Drags – Tesla Model 3 Performance vs. Charger RT, Mustang Fox Body and C8 Corvette

September 15th, 2023

Rich is hanging out at the dragstrip and making rounds in his Tesla Model 3 Performance sedan. This thing looks like a guppy but attacks the track like a killer shark. Quiet and unassuming, this all-electric machine will be taking on high-performance production cars in various states of modification. This should make for some interesting eighth-mile drag racing action.

The all-wheel drive Model 3 Performance is powered by dual electric motors capable of producing the equivalent of 480hp. This unpretentious grocery getter can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2-seconds. We are about to see how quickly it can turn the standing eighth-mile.

In the first contest of the evening, the Model 3 will take an a Mopar with a big HEMI V8. After a brief burnout, the two cars bump into the starting line. The lights drop and both vehicles lunge forward in full acceleration. Surprisingly, the Tesla leaves the Challenger R/T behind with a 7.28-second pass.

A Fox Body Mustang is up next, followed by the C8 Corvette. Will the Tesla win out or will it suffer defeat from the big, stinky, loud V8s?

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