Stick Shift Shootout – Fastest Manual Trans Cars in the World

May 8th, 2020

With names like the Minion Mustang, the Grub Worm Camaro and the Grannas Racing Supra, many of the major automakers are represented in this field. The twin turbo Minion is the fastest stick shift manual Ford Mustang on the planet. The Grub Worm is the fastest stick shift Chevrolet Camaro in existence and the Grannas Supra is the quickest Toyota stick shift in the world. This video documents what happens when all these outstanding competitors come together at TX2K20 for a winner-take-all stick shift shootout to determine an overall king of the gear rowers.

No gimmicks here folks – and no sand-bagging, either. Just good old head-to-head, quarter mile, drag racing action.

All three of the cars mentioned above are legitimate 7-second rides. You will see all of these competitors in action against one-another in this video.

First up is the Minion Mustang against the Grub Worm Camaro. Grub worm wins in a close one posting a pass of 7.283-seconds @ 196.56 mph to the pass of 7.798-seconds @ 193.88 mph for the Mustang. Both cars had already crushed a herd of imports and domestics on the way to this round. Check out the video.

Next up is the Grannas Supra versus the Grub Worm Camaro. Camaro cuts the light well and wins the round despite the Supra posting a 7.401-second pass @ 206.39 mph to the 7.453-second pass @ 192.71 mph of the Chevy.

Finally, we have the Grannas Supra going against the Minion Mustang. Both cars come out of the hole violently but the Supra knocks the tires off. The Ford goes on to post a 7.489 @ 191.05 to beat the Toyota by a bus or two.

Of these top-shelf competitors, the Grannas Racing Supra posted the best time – a pass of 7.055-seconds @ 207.18 mph – he just didn’t get it done when the chips were on the line during this particular weekend.

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