SRC Nitrous Fox Body vs. Turbo LS S10 Pickup – Street Drags

October 22nd, 2022

In the brisk fall temperatures of Ohio, the Street Racing Channel (SRC) crew are at it again. Billy TH3KID is holding court with a couple of grudge races on this evening’s calendar. He will be driving Stranger Things, his latest project, a slick Fox Body Mustang.

The 1985 Mustang is running a stock (bottom end) 5.0-liter V8 engine with a set of 170cc Trick Flow cylinder heads and a Trick Flow Stage 2 camshaft. Billy is also running a 150hp shot of go-go juice from Nitrous Express. A 750cfm ATM Innovation carburetor delivers the fuel. The transmission is a stock Tremec T-5 (manual) and the final drive gear is 4.10:1.

The turbo LS swapped S10 is an economy build with a factory 7.5-inch rear end and stock axles. The owner claims to have less than $6k in the entire build. The turbocharger is from Amazon. Sound like a hustle to you?

With the preliminaries out of the way, the competitors head out to the spot (in Mexico) where the race will go down. The burnouts ensue.

The tires are hot on both vehicles and the flag man takes his position. Billy is purging laughing gas and the S10 is spooling up. The light comes on and both machines lurch forward. It’s a clean start!

The Mustang pulls ahead and awaits the S10’s arrival. As the Chevy spools up, he knocks the tires off and is forced to lift. The race is over. SRC Mustang FTW.

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