SRC Nitrous Fox Body vs HEMI Dodge Challenger – Street Digs

October 3rd, 2022

The Street Racing Channel (SRC) crew have a new toy, and they are pushing the envelope further by the week. With a fresh set of Trick Flow cylinder heads, a new intake manifold and a new carb, the SRC Fox Body is set to take on an out-of-towner. The interloper is driving a HEMI powered Dodge Challenger. The car has a serious reputation for being fast. Guess we’ll see, huh?

After stealing a couple of spark plugs from his dad’s lawnmower, Billy (TH3KID) is ready to talk some smack about Mustangs whooping Mopars for generations. True or not, it’s all he needs to work himself into a lather. With the plugs in the motor, Billy preheats his nitrous bottle in a way that is certainly not recommended. Nevertheless, the SRC Mustang is ready to roll.

After discovering that the Dodge is running all-motor, young Billy steps back to the rear of his Mustang to apply even more heat to the nitrous bottle. With the Nitrous Express cargo nice and warm, the competitors head out to the race site.

Both cars are on the starting line and Billy is purging nitrous like it’s going out of style. From there, the night goes badly for Mopar. Billy cuts a clean light and leaves the Dodge in the dust. Oh well, better luck nest time.

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