SRC Daily Driver Shootout – No Trailer Street Digs for $1600

October 6th, 2022

It’s a “run-whacha-brung” shootout on the streets of Ohio (Mexico) for $1600 and bragging rights. Sponsored by Street Racing Channel (SRC), this should be a competitive event. Thirteen cars are on-hand and the buy-in is $100 each. Spectators are also asked to contribute if possible.

The rules are simple: Don’t jump early and don’t cross the center stripe. This is a single elimination event. Be first across the finish line more times than anyone else and you win the prize.

A couple of Cadillacs are up first. In the left lane is a Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. On the right is a CTS-V Sedan. Both cars cut a clean light, but the coupe looks a bit lazy coming out of the hole. The sedan gaps him handily.

Contest number two is an F-Body clash between a Trans Am and a Camaro. Again, both cars cut a clean light and explode towards the finish line. The Pontiac gets squirrelly through the trap but overcomes it to take the win by a half car.

Next, we have a little Camaro vs GTO action happening. The Yellow GTO wins out and advances to the next round.

There are many more quality drag races on this one. Watch until the end and see who wins the cash.

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