Snow White – 1500HP Supra Ride Along

May 31st, 2019

Alright import fans – this one is for you. The feature car in this clip is one of the finest examples of a Toyota Supra that I have ever see. This is a frame off shop project car built by the skilled professionals at Drag International in Davie, Florida.

Inside and out, this car is clean, clean! It is also a left-hand drive. The factory-style white paint is lavish and CCW wheels (wrapped in BFG rubber) really set this stunner off perfectly.

The engine is a TDC built 3.0-liter (inline 6-cylinder) with Manley connecting rods, CB pistons and Trend wrist pins. The cylinder head is by Porting Solutions and the camshafts are Kelford. The intake manifold, fuel rail and throttle body (90-millimeter) are all Hypertune. The exhaust manifold is a DOC Race Twin Gate with twin Precision waste gates. The turbo is a Precision 8385 and the combination is capable of generating 1,350whp. A 4-inch down-pipe dumps the exhaust into a HKS Carbon TI exhaust system. Big shout out to Brian at Extreme Motorsports in Oakland Park (FL) for all the meticulous plumbing. This underhood is cleaner than an operating room.

Enough talk. Climb in and buckle up. It’s time for the ride along.

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