Smoke Show – 1000HP Turbo Chevrolet C-10

December 24th, 2022

This video takes us back to the west coast where we get a look at a very impressive 1967 Chevy C-10 restomod. Owned and built by a retired professional race car driver, this pickup has everything it needs to run and drive like a modern performance machine. Shawn from Autotopia LA is going to get us into West Coast Exotic Cars where we’ll meet Eric (the truck owner) and get treated to a full walk around. After that, Shawn and Eric will hit the street and show us what the old Chevy can do.

Under the hood is a fully built 5.3-liter (iron block/aluminum heads) LS motor with a turbocharger. The engine internals are premium, and the turbo is a 76-millimeter Precision. This potent combo is good for 1,000hp.

The frame is basically stock although it has been boxed to increase strength. The front upper and lower control arms are aftermarket tubular, and the rear suspension is four-link. A switch to rack and pinion steering yields a weight reduction and tighter turns. It has an air bag system to control ride height and adjustable shocks on all four corners. Wilwood brakes bring things safely to a halt. The wheels are Raceline 22-inch all the way around.

Bare metal and chrome encompass the exterior and it looks amazing. The interior is simplistic with only subtle modern touches. It is sublime.

The time has come to attack some asphalt.

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