Small Tire Gen III Camaro is Small Block Ford Powered

August 5th, 2022

Now and again, you run across something so perplexing that you just can’t figure it out. A question arises, like why would a prominent No Prep Drag Racer build a straight Gen III Camaro Z28 with perfect paint and a scary stance – then drop in an engine that is unreliable, temperamental and more expensive than most anything else? For the answer to that question, you’ll have to consult car owner Kye Kelley. Just a word of warning, Kye has been known to march to the beat of his own drummer.

This Gen III Chevrolet Camaro fits right in with the Kelley fleet of race cars.

Under the hood, a Tony Bischoff 416 cubic-inch small block Ford racing engine is all-aluminum and loaded with premium internals. It is headed for the dyno in this video. The big Ford mill is mated to a Mark Micke (M&M) 3-speed transmission.

Once the crazy Camaro is bolted to the Mainline Hub Dyno, the fun begins. The initial pass yields a rating of 746.5hp @ only 1700RPM. That’s just a baseline. With the car warmed up, it’s time to open her up a bit. The next pass yields a reading of 1057.9hp. Now we’re cooking with gas!

Fresh off the dyno, the crew heads up to US 41 Dragstrip (Indiana) for a test and tune session (with the laughing gas). Kye is itching to put the grip on this black beauty.

With most of the new build bugs worked out, Kye Kelley and crew hit the road for Fastest in America (Las Vegas).

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