Sketchy Vert – Trans Am Gone Twin Turbo 

January 18th, 2019

Jared and his Sketchy Vert Trans Am have been associated with midwestern street and strip racing for many years. The car was a nitrous V8 with a manual transmission and it was indeed sketchy. Jared is all grown-up and he’s got a brand-new setup in the convertible Poncho. He’s come down to Bradenton, Florida for Cleetus and Cars and I wonder if he knows what he’s gotten into? Check it out.

Sketchy centers around a Texas Speed-built 408 cubic-inch LS motor with twin 70-millimeter turbochargers from Huron Speed. The Shop, Inc. is responsible for setting the Pontiac up with the help of an MS3 Pro engine management controller. The rear tires are a set of beefy Mickey Thompson drag radials around Weld Racing wheels. The rear end is Strange. The brand-new setup includes a switch from a manual transmission to a TH400 automatic. Jared is off and running. He posts a new personal best elapsed time of 8.7-seconds @ 160 mph (1/4-mile) in this video.

This clip features Sketchy but there’s also some of Cleetus’ Demolition Drags on the end. Wild stuff!

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