Sin City Street Car Shootout – $6000 First Prize

October 7th, 2021

What happens in Vegas (Mexico) stays in Vegas – except when you whip everybody in the Sin City Street Car Shootout. Fourteen of the baddest cars on the West Coast have gathered in the desert for a single elimination, winner-take-all night of dig racing on the street. The rules are typical, and the competition is stiff. Let’s get with it.

The first race of Round 1 pits a Dodge Challenger Hellcat (right lane) against a ProCharged Ford Mustang (left lane). Both cars cut a clean light before the Mustang jumps out front and gaps the heavier Hellcat by a couple of lengths. Mustang FTW.

Next up is a contest between a Gen VI Mustang and a Cadillac CTS-V Wagon. The Ford comes out of the hole ahead of the Cadillac and maintains the lead through the finish line for the victory.

Race three of the first round features a pair of Ford Mustangs (popular car in Las Vegas?). The car in the right lane is green and the car in the left lane is red. The car in the right lane gains the early advantage and keeps it throughout.

A Chevy Corvette lines up against a Cadillac CTS-V sedan in the fourth race of Round 1. It’s a close race this time as the Cadillac lunges forward out of the hole before the ‘Vette drives around him to take a tight one at the finish line.

It’s only halfway through the first round. There’s lots more gear grinding and rubber slinging left on this one. You don’t want to miss it all.

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