Sin City Small Tire Cash Days 2K21

May 5th, 2021

The saying is that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Not so true if you’re talking about elite level street racing. It all goes out for the world to see. Here’s a prime example.

The Sin City Small Tire Cash Days are a single elimination, winner-take-all affair with ten entrants and a $250 cash buy in. The rules are typical. You can’t jump early. You can’t be first to cross the center line and you have to beat your opponent to the finish line to win. Burnouts are water only. Ready for some hot street racing action?

Up first is a contest between a turbocharged Chevy S10 pickup with a V8 and a Ford Mustang with a nitrous enhanced big block. Oops! The Mustang broke at the line. The S10 had a pretty impressive solo pass, nonetheless.

Next, we have Problem Child, a twin turbo Camaro, against My Little Pony, a turbocharged Fox Body Mustang. This time both cars cut the light with front wheels in the air. This is a close one with the Mustang pulling away right at the end.

In the third race, we have a twin turbo S10 pickup going against a turbocharged classic Chevy Nova. After a strong start, the S10 obviously breaks and limps off onto the shoulder. Nova FTW!

Gobs more street racing action here. Don’t miss out.

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