Shop Wars – Sydney Dragway

May 10th, 2018

Greetings drag racing fans! Welcome to Sydney, Australia. Get ready to tour one of the most awesome race car shops in the world. This huge place is home to RotorMaster; a high performance shop that caters to Mazda rotary owners who appreciate going fast and competing in a wide variety of racing venues. Also located in this facility is Gas Racing. GR is geared more towards Toyota power and development of the legendary 2JZ engine platform. 

This shop is filled with cars that we just don’t get to see in the states. Including a Mazda RX-3 powered by a Toyota 2JZ with a turbocharger. This odd little car is making 1,400hp. It’s only been on the track one time and has already posted a best elapsed time of 7.9-seconds.

There are some seriously fast (sub 6-second) pro mod cars that have held world records using 2JZ power. There is a 7-second 20B rotary powered Mazda and a 4-rotor turbocharged monster of a subcompact. In this shop (and in this country) mix and match is the norm rather than the exception.

It’s off to the track next. Sydney Dragway is among the most beautiful facilities on earth. It provides a clean, family atmosphere and lots of traction.

Immediately we notice what appears to be a drift car. It is a BMW M3 Widebody with a turbocharged RB26 (2.6-liter) Nissan engine. This thing is capable of producing mad horsepower but there is no bite to be found (not in a drift car).

There are tons of other unique cars at the track for Shop Wars. Have a look and see if the slippery BMW can compete.

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