Scott Chevy II – More Blower than Engine

April 30th, 2019

Running in the True Street Class, the Carl Scott Honey Badger Chevy II is equipped with a 632-cube Troy Scott Racing engine. The “small shaft” motor was initially installed in a sand crawler but made too much torque. Sounds like the perfect fit for a No-Prep monster! The true eye-catcher is a blower that has more cubic inches poking out of the hood than most cars have under the hood. The Honey Badger features a Whipple 8.3-liter supercharger bolted to the massive engine.

After a successful Round 1, the Honey Badger galded a snout-bearing in the Whipple. In this environment, a blower change would be required to keep the tenacious critter in the contest.

Luckily, Carl has many friends in No-Prep – it’s a pretty tight-knit bunch – and one of them (two-and-a-half-hours away) had the same blower on their sand wagon. A road trip and a few bolts later; the Badger was ready for Round 2.

A Fox Body Mustang falls victim to the Honey Badger in Round 2 and a Monte Carlo feels the sting of her bite in the Semi-Finals.

In the Finals, the turbocharged Rambler suffers the wrath of the incessant Honey Badger. Carl Scott FTW!

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