Saturday Night No Prep from the Ice Cream Cruise

September 12th, 2020

Every week, after the main event, No Prep racers hang around for some Saturday night fun in the Small Tire Class. Some of the baddest racers in the land show up and let it fly on the eighth mile. Amazing competitors like Beater Bomb in his Fox Body Mustang, Russ Freeman in his WS6 Trans Am, Blaine in his Gen IV Camaro and Salty in the baddest Chevy Cobalt on the planet have turned out to claim bragging right in the 10.5-inch (tire) Class. Time for some drag racing!

The Silver Camaro Z28 is running a 388 cubic-inch (all-aluminum) Dart Racing engine with twin Precision 76-millimeter turbochargers. It has Holley electronic fuel injection and a Powerglide transmission. It is out first against the self-proclaimed baddest Cobalt on the planet. Let’s see who can go from A to B without getting sideways. Both cars cut the light and leave the hole violently, but it quickly becomes evident that this will be a driver’s race. When the Cobalt knocks the tires off at the midway point, the Camaro goes by him FTW. On to the next round for Blaine in his “not a race car”.

Next up, Blaine draws Crazy Legs in his C5 Corvette. Legs stumbled coming out of the hole and Blaine took it to him walking away. On to Round 3.

This round, Blaine draws a vintage Camaro with mucho power. Think he has the wherewithal to pull off another victory? Check out the video to find out.

Tons of No Prep Small Tire drag racing action on this one.

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