Rocky Mountain Race Week Day 5 – 1,000-Miles In

June 25th, 2022

These tired racers have traversed more than 1,000-miles over the Rocky Mountains in this contest of endurance and speed. These guys – and gals – are getting dialed-in and trophies are being won. Get a load of some of the characters we’ve met along the way.

There was “The One and Only” Robert Williams in his 1977 Chevy Nova known as Weapon-X. Robert took home the trophy in the Outlaw Street Class.

The we met Jerome Courtney in his Silverado called Strictly Business. Jerome and crew walked away with the Limited Street Class (8.5-second ET) title. His pickup is loaded with an LS motor and a pair of turbochargers. Jerome just runs eights – for weeks at a time.

After that, we got to see Jason Hurley in his Meltdown II Firebird again. This time he laid down a pass od 7.20-seconds @ 192 mph. That’s a personal best for Meltdown II. Jason built this car under a pole barn in his yard.

Later, Jason will tangle with Cleetus McFarland in a David and Goliath sort of affair. Cleetus’ Mullet El Camino features such swanky accoutrement as a Steve Morris Racing engine while the Meltdown II Firebird was built in the dirt. You gotta love an underdog story.

Then we met Corey Thompson in his 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. Corey captured the title in the Hot Rod Class with consistent 7-second passes all week.

Tons more great cars, people and racing on this one.

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