Ride Along – 2200HP Viper vs 1100HP Dodge Demon

July 20th, 2019

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape. Don’t spit into the wind. Don’t pull on the mask of the old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with Jim! Who’s Jim? I don’t know but he’s driving a Viper.

Allow me to welcome you to Colorado Springs for the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack 2019. Today, a modified Dodge Challenger SRT Demon (1,100hp) will get a reality check.

On hand for this half-mile event is Calvo Motorsports. Calvo is the premier shop for high performance Viper modification. These guys have turned up with a bevy of hot Vipers that are raring to go.

There was a 2016 Viper ACR. It’s a twin turbo car making 2,200hp and it runs upward of 215 mph – consistently. Sure enough, it runs a 217 mph top speed on the initial pass. Under the hood is a 9.0-liter stroker motor with Headgames cylinder heads and a dry sump lubrication system. A pair of 76-millimeter turbochargers provide the cool, dense air. The transmission is a PPG sequentially shifted manual and the rear end is based on the Ford 9-inch platform. Engine management is handled via a MoTec M150.

Calvo brought along four other cars, too. Have a look from the cockpit as the POV camera takes you along for the ride.

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