Redneck Science – 2000HP Blown Alcohol Burning Mustang

December 19th, 2022

Back in the not-so-quiet confines of the Redneck Science laboratory, Wes Champlin and his band of degenerates are hard at work. In an effort to surpass their reputation for building insanely fast cars and trucks, the mad scientists are putting together a stock Ford Mustang with a supercharged alcohol burning V8 engine. Think about the engines used in professional monster trucks. Now, plant that mill in a street car. What should transpire here is pure pandemonium.

The car is a slightly used and abused Gen VI Ford Mustang. The only modifications to the body are aftermarket tires and wheels. Those are “endangered species” radials on the rear.

Under the hood is where we find the pearl of this oyster. It is a Steve Schmidt Competition Engines built 540 cubic-inch big block (GM design). It is filled with all the premium internals needed to make this power plant bulletproof. A set of high-performance aluminum cylinder heads rest atop the mighty motor. On top of all that is a Blower Drive Service (BDS) roots-type supercharger that is capable of sucking the oxygen out of large metropolitan cities. This thing is massive. Of course, there is open exhaust with headers and a giant intercooler. The fuel supply system and ignition system are also modified dramatically to improve performance.

The good news? Once Wes gets this thing in the Mustang, he’s taking us out for a burnout run. Giddy up!

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