Record setting Nissan GT-R destroys transmission on video

December 22nd, 2008

Samurai Speed’s Nissan GT-R is currently the quickest documented Nissan GT-R running the 1/4 mile in a very quick 10.5 @ 128.42 MPH. With well over a hundred 600+ horsepower launch control starts on their transmission, it finally gave up, sounding like “bunch of metal dominoes in a line and Tiger Woods came by and hit them with his driver”.

Samurai Speed was getting some very quick 60′ times with the quickest at 1.497 with 18″ wheels and drag radials along with a host of other modifications to boost up the power to over 600 HP. Check out their timeslip and video from their record setting 10.5 @ 128 MPH run, as well as their latest run that tested the limits of the Nissan GT-R’s transmission below. Samurai Speed has plans for upgrading the Nissan GT-R’s transmission and we look forward to tracking their record setting progress.

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