Record Busting Cannonball Mercedes

February 7th, 2020

Meet Arne Torman. Arne is a Cannonballer. Like drag racing on steroids, Cannonball drivers race cross-country at breakneck speeds. In shattering the World Record, Arne and two of his closest friends took just 27-hours and 25-minutes to cover 2,825-miles. That works out to an average speed of 103.1 mph with a top speed of 193 mph.

The car is a near stock 2015 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG with an Alpha 9 twin turbocharger package from AMS Performance. The turbo kit includes a pair of Garrett GT28 (54-millimeter) turbochargers with all the tubing and intercooler action that they entail. A programmable engine controller, as well as various engine, suspension and transmission upgrades are included with the Alpha 9 package. Maximum output is estimated to be 750-800hp.

Arne travels (typically from New York to L.A.) with two other guys and all their equipment. Since there is a huge (45-gallon) fuel cell in the trunk of this beast, they can travel a long distance before a stop is necessary. As one might expect, there is a huge amount of radar detection and spotting equipment on board.

Check out the video to hear all about how these guys go coast-to-coast in just a little over one day.

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