Real Streets of Las Vegas – Liz Musi vs. Boddie for $4800

July 28th, 2022

There’s plenty of posturing and smack talking in this short clip. It seems that Boddie (in the Trackhawk) has been letting his alligator mouth write checks that his jaybird backside can’t cash. He’s been trash talking Liz Musi (in the Camaro) about whipping her on the street. The time for retribution is now.

Chances are, when a serious racer (like Liz Musi) shows up early to test the road, she’s intent on winning some money. That’s certainly the case tonight. Liz showed up in her nitrous burning 1968 Camaro that she calls Norma Jean. Insinuations have been made that Liz, coming from a lineage of drag racers, is good on the track but she isn’t “street”. That’s quite an insult for a street racer. Retribution will not be cheap.

Then there’s Boddie. As the footage will reveal, he is a big talker. Boddie has a modified Jeep Trackhawk, although he is playing it close to the vest as it pertains to specifics. One thing is clear; he believes that his all-wheel drive Trackhawk can tame the rowdy Camaro known as Norma Jean. Liz is betting against it.

When all the talk is over and the money is in escrow, the burnouts begin. While Liz lays down a cloud of smoke that would make Big Daddy Don Garlits blush, Boddie manages a gentle chirp from his AWD Jeep.

The vehicles are staged, and the flagman is out. The light drops and Liz takes off like a shot. Boddie hesitates and cannot recover. From there, it’s goodbye Norma Jean – and Boddie’s $4800. Easy come, easy go.

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