Qatar Streets – Lamborghini vs. Porsche and Nissan

February 22nd, 2019

In this clip, we get the opportunity to meet a group of young men charged with breaking-in a brand-new system of highways – some of which have never even been driven. Six lanes of empty interstate are a roll racers dream and some of the most elite entries imaginable have turned up to compete in head-to-head action. Enough about highway – let’s get down to getting down.

Starting out small (so to speak) we have an 1,100hp Nissan Patrol versus an 800hp Chevrolet Silverado 1500. The SUV captures the advantage and runs off into the Arabian night. Beautiful!

Next up, we have an 1,100hp Corvette going against the 800hp Silverado. The pickup takes the early advantage before the ‘Vette rages back FTW.

The third race is four-lanes wide and features a pair of Silverado pickup trucks (one is a Z71). The Z71 gets the bulge and runs away with it FTW.

After several mechanical issues with the trucks, the Lamborghini and Porsche entries show up. You certainly don’t want to miss this roll racing fun!

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