Pure Turbo McLaren vs. Underground Racing Lambo – Street Hits  

April 4th, 2020

This night of street racing (in Mexico) features some of the most impressive exotics that we have seen (on the street) in a while. This McLaren clique is determined to work their British muscle into competition with the Underground Racing (UR) contingent. Careful what you ask for…

Cameraman Fred climbs onboard a Battleship Gray McLaren 570GT that has been upgraded with a Pure Turbo Stage 1 Kit, a Soul Performance 3.5-inch catless downpipe assembly and a DME custom tune. Output is estimated to be somewhere in the 750-850hp range.

As fate would have it, the guy in the gray McLaren talks himself into a roll race (50 mph start) with a Stage 1 Underground Lamborghini Huracan. The Lambo driver claims only 800hp, but it is later revealed that he is making at least 1,000hp. As you might expect, the Huracan gobbles up the McLaren in multiple passes.

After reuniting with his group, the driver of the gray 570GT takes on his buddy in a black McLaren (same mods with a methanol injection). The black car gaps the camera car in twin hits – although it wasn’t as bad as the UR Lambo experience.

Right behind him is an 840hp Mustang waiting to pounce on the poor McLaren. Not so fast! This time, the Battleship destroys the competition in multiple passes.

Tons more racing action on this clip as this McLaren 570GT tries to work the kinks out of what will be an awesome ride.

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