ProCharger vs Turbo – Camaro, Corvette and Mustang Street Vibes

September 8th, 2023

In a war as timeless as muscle cars themselves, this Chevy versus Ford evening of street racing is the latest battle. ProCharged, turbocharged and naturally aspirated machines have gathered south of the border for some roll racing action. We joined the festivities already underway.

The first contest of the night is between a ProCharged C6 (2005-2013) Chevy Corvette and a 5.0 Ford Mustang with a single turbo setup. At 50 mph, the Corvette takes the early advantage before the Mustang spools up and reels him in. After that, it’s all Mustang in multiple close hits. Real competitive racing here.

The turbo Mustang takes on a ProCharged Camaro in the next matchup. This one is neck-and neck throughout.

We have a real treat in the next round. A trio of racers line up to roll the dice. There’s the turbo Mustang, the ProCharged C6 ‘Vette and a Camaro ZL1 (supercharged) with full bolt-ons. Once again the Chevrolets get the early jump before the Mustang spools up and makes it a close race. You can pick the winner here.

There’s more roll racing on the interstate in old Mexico.

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