Porsche Carrera 911 991.2 Dyno Comparison – The Power of the Turbo

April 2nd, 2016


Porsche’s latest line up of 2017 model year 911 Carreras have gone from naturally aspirated engines to forced induction adding a set of turbochargers to their boxer 6 cylinder engine.  So what does that mean for power and torque?  A lot of it with big increases over the previous non-turbo engines.

Cobb Tuning recently put a brand new 2017 Carrera S on their dyno to see just what was happening and the new engine delivered making 380HP and 373 ft-lbs of torque to the wheels on their DynoJet Dyno.  They also did a direct comparison of a Carrera with the previous non-turbo motor which put down around 100HP/100 ft-lbs of torque less with 283 HP and 247 ft-lbs of torque on the same dyno.  This 380HP to the wheels on the dyno measures up to 450HP when accounting for driveline losses which is about 30HP more than Porsche specifies.

Of course Cobb Tuning is already working on turing up the boost on these new Carreras to produce a lot more power which will could up the potential for competition with the much more expensive 911 Turbo, especially when configured as the Carrera 4S which includes AWD and launch control.  Can Cobb Tuning add 100HP to the new Carrera from cranking up the boost with some tuning?  We are thinking yes, hoping so and monitoring their progress to report back.

Check out the dyno graph comparison below: