Porsche 944 LS Swap – Street Hits

June 12th, 2019

In the 1986 Porsche 944, you have a lightweight sports car that is nimble and close to the ground. The Chevrolet LS engine is cheap and easy to build. It is durable enough to withstand serious power adders and (with the correct exhaust system) has a deep and throaty exhaust note that’ll make any red-blooded car enthusiast fall in love. Combine the 944 with the LS engine and you have a small, rear-wheel drive coupe that sticks to the road and has power to spare.

The engine bay of this daily driver is loaded with a 6.2-liter (LS3) V8 engine from a C6 Corvette. Despite the manually shifted transaxle, from a 944 Turbo S, the gross vehicle weight is increased by a mere 144-pounds. The 430hp capacity of the LS3, combined with the tight gear ratio of the Porsche gearbox and cornering prowess of the 944, yield a small car that is prepared to take on giants. Nobody on the street is expecting a Porsche 944 to pull out of the hole with such violence – then they hear the exhaust note and get a clue that this is no ordinary Porsche. By that time – the 944 is nothing but taillights, and the competition is a distant memory.

Get ready to take a ride in this unique build.

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