Not Your Grandpa’s Chevelle – Street Hits

May 16th, 2020

Greetings fellow gearheads and speed aficionados from every facet of the racing universe. Meet Matt and his grandparent’s 1969 Chevy. The old folks purchased this one brand new. When they no longer needed it, they passed the car off to Matt’s mom who handed it off to him. The car – originally a Malibu – came from the factory with a cumbersome 307 cubic-inch engine and automatic transmission. This baby has come a long way since then.

Matt, a body man by trade, has worked a miracle with the exterior of this Chevrolet. Most of the factory trim has been shaved and the old paint was taken down to the bare metal. The new red paint is pristine and totally custom. The interior is just as impressive, with a custom fabricated dash pod from a 2015 Camaro and Corvette buckets. This thing is totally secure while being soft in all the right places.

Under the hood, this beast is naturally aspirated power at its finest. The 7.4-liter power plant is fuel injected and built with the best of everything. Maximum output is estimated at 700whp. Whatever it’s making – there is plenty to go around. This thing is a torque monster!

This slick Chevy is no trailer queen, either. Matt drives the car regularly to cruises and other gatherings. He has also been known to beat the car up at the drag strip from time to time. When his sons get old enough, Matt plans to pass the car down to one of them. Keeping it in the family. You gotta’ love that.

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