NOT a Rotary RX-7 – Street Hits

May 27th, 2017

Climb into the passenger seat, buckle your safety belt and get ready to ride along with Matt from Evolved Tuning as he rips through the streets of suburban Atlanta (Mexico).

The car is a hybrid Mazda RX-7 which was resurrected from oblivion in a parking lot and transformed into the masterpiece that you see in this video.

Since the rotary engine was missing in action, the possibilities were endless for choosing a power plant. While most car enthusiasts would have opted for an LS swap, Matt chose to go another route. He selected to pair a fully-built Toyota 3.0-liter 2JZ engine with a Comp triple ball bearing turbocharger. The unique setup is good for around 1,000hp but Matt keeps the short-wheelbase car dialed down to around 18-pounds of boost and 700hp to ensure that it behaves nicely. A 6-speed transmission from a Nissan 350Z (I did say that it was a hybrid, right?) handles shifting duties and a Pro EFI controller keeps all the ducks in a row.

Due to some custom body modification, the Mazda only weighs about 2,300-pounds so – as you might imagine – it moves through the gears pretty quickly.

Matt flies around the streets making some pretty decent hits and allowing the GoPro cameras to collect some great angles. This is a skillfully produced video that you really need to see.

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