No Prep Turbo V8 Nissan 240sx

March 25th, 2017

This video features exactly the type of vehicle that gets my blood pumping. I love taking a small and lightweight, rear-wheel drive car and putting in a big, V8 engine with at least one power adder. If you do it right – and this guy has apparently done it just right – you can win a lot of races (cash) on the street and strip.

For this type of hybrid build, the Nissan 240 has long been a favorite of amateur and street racers. There are four major reasons for this:

  1. The sharp looking little import bodies are readily available – heck, the junkyards are full of shells.
  2. LS engines an also be readily obtained and built as economically as any engine out there.
  3. The 240 is already a rear-wheel drive car. There will be minimal sheet metal fabrication required.
  4. Numerous aftermarket performance manufacturers offer V8 swap over kits (look no further than Jeg’s or Sikky).

This particular 240sx is running a 408 cubic-inch Texas Speed engine with (Texas Speed) PRC cylinder heads, a mammoth turbocharger, and a Powerglide transmission. Simple and straight forward yet potent. This car is competing in two classes and looking to bring home some substantial cash. Check it out.

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