Nitrous Small Block Chevy S10 vs Cadillac CTS-V – Street Digs

March 11th, 2023

Tonight, we are in for a real treat. Our round buddy, Frank has stumbled upon a group of wholesome young citizens preparing for some drag racing on the streets (of Mexico). A nearly stock Cadillac CTS-V will take on a souped-up Chevy S10 pickup. As an added bonus, a blown Camaro ZL1 will take on a Fox Body Mustang burning nitrous. Pin back your ears ‘cause it’s about to get funky.

The first pair of racers are worlds apart in many ways. One is a late model luxury sedan and the other is an old compact work pickup. The Caddy is supercharged, and the Chevy is rolling on nitrous. When these two vehicles line up on the pavement, it will be sheer pandemonium! Both guys smoke off a good burnout before bumping in on the starting line. The light drops and the CTS-V is caught snoozing. The S10 lunges forward and never looks back.

Second race is more of the same – a late model Camaro ZL1 (supercharged) and an old Fox Body Mustang (nitrous). Both these cars cut a clean light and come out of the hole neck-and-neck. Within 60-feet, the Mustang begins to pull away. The Camaro can’t catch him despite having a full assortment of aftermarket bolt-ons in the engine bay. Ford FTW.

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