Nissan 240Sx – Boosted LSx Transplant

June 26th, 2019

Nothing I enjoy more than finding a tiny import and integrating it with a honking big built V8 engine. Next, I like to increase performance with a power-adder then continue dumping money into it – lighter, faster, lighter, faster, but…I digress.

Still, that’s what is going on here. This guy has stabbed a massive 7.0-liter LSx engine (Texas Speed Re-Sleeve) into this Nissan 240Sx, along with a set of their PRC cylinder heads and a GTX turbocharger. The transmission is a Powerglide and the rear end is on the Ford 9-inch platform. This car squats and hooks up out of the hole the way it is supposed to. It seems to grip the track and sail through the quarter-mile. Low eights and high sevens are the norm for this “hybrid”.

In the first contest, the Nissan takes on a GM F-Body (Camaro or Firebird) and wears him out. In the eighth-mile, he posts a 4.79-second ET @ 152 mph.

In the next pass the 240 runs a 4.80-second pass @ 153 mph against another F-Body (faster one this time). Nissan FTW.

This is a freakishly fast car that you don’t want to miss!

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