New Mexico Cash Days – 40 Cars and a $10,000 Payday

October 30th, 2020

Similar to the way the film heroes of old rode off into the desert badlands to conquer fate and overcome the villains; these competitors ride into the sunset to vanquish their foes – and take home a fistful of cash. This is street racing New Mexico style and the cars (trucks, too) on hand are not to be taken lightly. These hardcore street racers are ready to put it all on the line in single elimination, winner take all dig racing action. Hold on to your hat neighbor, this is going get wild!

Traction is likely to be an issue. With a pitted and coarse surface, coming out of the hole will be a bit hazardous until some rubber gets stuck to the road. Competitors that can survive the early rounds will find the track improving as the evening wears on.

The first race of the night features a supercharged Jeep Trackhawk against a tubbed-out Chevy Nova inspired by a healthy dose of nitrous. Both racers cut the light well, but the Nova can’t find a hookup. Despite his larger tires, the Chevy gets twisted and the all-wheel drive Trackhawk drives around him. Jeep FTW.

After a very nice solo pass from a Nissan 240sx with some massive rear tires and a turbocharged LS engine, race two is between a second Nissan 240 (this time with a 2JZ Toyota motor) and a C7 Corvette. The Nissan has traction issues but manages to find enough grip to get from A to B and school the guy in the Chevy.

This video continues for rounds and rounds and features some of the baddest street racers on the planet. Including some 2000+hp Nissan GTR entries.

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