Nasty 1650HP Blown Cutlass

July 1st, 2016

Nasty 1650HP Blown CutlassThis ain’t yo’ grandaddy’s Oldsmobile! Black Beauty is running in the small tire (275) class with that big ol’ blower poking outta the hood. This Cutlass looks great and sounds even better. The driver has a few problems coming out of the hole but comes back strong when he gets the car headed in the right direction. Don’t worry driver, more passes will likely cure this disease.

This bad girl is running a 516-cubic-inch Chevy engine with a Littlefield 1071 blower and it’s an alcohol burner. It’s got a three-piece Powerglide transmission with a PTC 10-inch ProMod converter and she’s running 24 psi of boost. That’s good for 1,650hp and a best 1/8-mile ET of 5.06 at 141 mph. Better things are yet to come for this cool car and driver combo.

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