Mystery Solved – Beater Bomb Pops Hood

June 12th, 2018

So, this video is a little different. It documents the guys from 1320 as they saddle up and take a ride (by way of Mexico) over to an Omaha (NE) cruise-in car show. More importantly, the man, the myth, the legend – Beater Bomb – open his hood to finally let the world see what’s under there.

Of course, when you get a group of gearheads on the asphalt, they can’t help but stomp the accelerator with frequency. That is especially true when you have outstanding examples like the Unicorn C5 Corvette ZR1 with a Huron Speed twin turbo kit and RPM trans (manual 6-speed) and rear differential. The car is prepared by The Shop Inc in Lincoln (NE) and is capable of producing more than 900whp.

The Trans Am (WS6) is also a product of The Shop Inc. Like the C5 Unicorn, it features a Thompson Motorsports LSx 378 cubic-inch V8. The Sketchy Vert T/A deviated from the Unicorn by adding a single plate Nitrous Express system (200hp) to a massive 94-millimeter F1A Procharger. An MS3 Pro EFI controller keeps all the ponies marching to the same beat.     

OK, back to the Beater Bomb. In a disappointing turn of events, he is not revealing the powertrain configuration in his normal car but a recent build that he calls ‘Drop Top’. This is a clean convertible. In keeping with the suspected Beater Bomb M.O., this car is running an LSX engine with a massive turbocharger.

Kaboom! Time to hit the road and see some amazing cars in Omaha.

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