Murder Nova Goes Rounds at Throwdown in T-Town 2020

May 19th, 2020

Shane and his maxed-out Murder Nova showed up at the Tulsa Raceway Park to do battle with a whole herd of Pro-Mods. You might remember Shane and his car from the Street Outlaws series on the Discovery Channel. In this clip, Shane is off the streets and throwing down on the strip. Buckle up – this is going to be a wild one!

Nobody would argue that mistakes were made during the first two rounds of qualifying. Stuff happens, then you overcome your shortcomings and get back on track. That’s part of what makes racing fun. In this case, Shane missed a gear, skipped a gear or whatever. That took the steam out of round one of qualifying and cost the crew a ton of extra labor. Nevertheless, none of the guys were crying. They just put their heads down and got the job done. Round two of qualifying was much better.

Round three of qualifying was downright extraordinary. The Nova posted a pass of 4.04-seconds @ 192.44 mph. That’s a personal best trap speed but the car still isn’t coming out of the hole right. With a new crew, these guys are trying to get the bugs worked out. They are definitely headed in the right direction. Round four of qualifying nets an even better trap speed with a near identical elapsed time. Not good enough for the big show.

Thank goodness for the Slammers Class. No qualification needed for this group, just burn out and race.

Round One of Slammers has the Murder Nova in the right lane versus Kallee Mills’ Golden Kong Camaro on the left. Shane knocks the tires off and crosses the center line in this one. It looks like the day is finished for the Murder Nova. Lots of good data guys, Better luck next time.

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