Mrs “No Lift” Christmas – 7-Second GT-R

April 4th, 2018

Greetings race fans. Welcome to Houston and TX2K18 – one of the benchmark roll and drag racing events of the season.

Allow us to introduce Mrs. “No Lift” Christmas and the 2012 Fasetto.Link Nissan GT-R. The Link system is integrated into this GT-R, making it possible to tune and monitor 18,000-points of data using a cellular network. Talk about tuning on the fly – this is it!

Under the hood; the Link GT-R features a Topspeed Motorsports (TSM) 4,4-liter stroker motor combined with an Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) PRO2100 Turbo Kit. The combination is good for more than 2,000hp and the crew hopes to put elapsed times in the 7-second range before the day is done.

The secret weapon for this slick import is not under the hood, in the exhaust, or even in the drivetrain – it is behind the steering wheel. Mrs. Christmas is not only the matriarch of the racing Christmas family but also the tenacious pilot of the Link GT-R ( I like missing link better but couldn’t make it work).

When a car makes as much power as this one the real issue is gaining traction. Luckily the track down in Texas was skillfully prepared by the Miller Brothers. Nevertheless, things can get slippery in a heartbeat. That’s where having Mrs. Christmas behind the wheel paid off.

After a couple of ho-hum 8-second passes (@ 181 mph), she was determined break into the sevens before the day was done. Finally, she lines up in the right lane on a solo pass. As the car leaves the hole – pandemonium – it thrashes to the left and then back to the right in an all-out effort to gain a bite. A lesser driver would have pedaled the car to get it under control but Mrs. Christmas put the hammer down and never gave a thought to lifting. She got herself a 7.61-second pass and earned the nickname No Lift in the process. She goes on to post a 7.5-second pass @ 191 mph and finish in the runner-up spot (GT-R stock location turbo).

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