Modified Mk5 Supra Takes on the Streets – BMW, Corvette and More

March 31st, 2023

Tonight, we are taking it back to the streets for some raw roll and dig racing action. One of our camera cars, a modified Toyota Supra, will roll and dig race other similarly enhanced street cars in random order. Buckle-up!

The Mk5 Supra has been gently modified with an aftermarket exhaust downpipe and an E50 tune. It’ll be taking on a C6 Chevy Corvette with a ProCharged LS3 tuned to burn premium (93-octane) fuel. This begins as a tight race. It continues that way until the Corvette driver decides to say goodbye and pulls away effortlessly. ‘Vette FTW!

Next up for the Supra is a souped-up Beemer. This BMW M3 has aftermarket (catless?) downpipes and an E40 tune. In a series of roll races, the BMW pulls slightly ahead and remains out front throughout the contest. If consistency is your thing, you will appreciate these passes. Advantage BMW.

Switching gears to a BMW 540i camera car, the action continues. This big BMW has been modified with a hybrid turbo kit. It has also been tuned to burn E85 fuel. The 5-Series Beemer will be rolling out against the yellow Corvette. In a close contest, the Chevy pulls out a narrow victory. Good, close race.

Lots more great cars and close racing action on this clip.

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