Modified Imports Eaten by Tesla Plaid – 3-Wide Street Hits

April 22nd, 2022

This here’s a story that begins with three little piggies (imports) playing on the interstate (of Mexico). They are having a good time romping and racing one another when the big bad wolf shows up. He’s all dressed in Plaid and ready to devour imports two and three at a time. The big ol’ Tesla wolf ain’t huffing and puffing. He’s running dead silent as he cleans up the competition despite having three passengers onboard. What a beast of an all-electric sedan.

The first little piggy was a Nissan Nismo 370Z with a turbo added. Beside him (in the initial heat) was a stock Lamborghini Huracan EVO. After getting dusted by the Nismo 370Z, the Huracan moves over to let an E85 tuned Nissan GT-R with full bolt-ons into the middle slot. That’s about when the wolf showed up in the form of an all-electric Tesla Plaid. Pushed by more than 1,000hp, the bone stock Plaid sent them all three home on a journey of shame.

In the next chapter, we have a Blue 5.0 Ford Mustang GT with performance exhaust and a tune from Palm Beach Dyno rolling against a Yellow 5.0 Mustang GT with full bolt-ons and an E85 tune. In multiple hits, the blue car takes the victory.

After that, a MK5 Supra (black) with a performance exhaust downpipe and a Botti tune and a white MK5 Toyota Supra with an aftermarket intake manifold, a performance exhaust downpipe and an E30 tune from BM3 show up and the party really gets started.

Well produced video with some close head-to-head roll racing action.

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