Mile High Mayhem – 900+HP Street Hits

September 2nd, 2020

You can call me asphalt because I always be laying it down on the street! This video takes us to the streets of Denver (Mexico) for some high-level street hits between vehicles that make more than 900hp. Key matchups include a battle between a twin turbo Mustang and a DSM EVO with a big turbo. Let’s see what happens during tonight’s wild ride.

The Gen VI Ford Mustang GT has a built 5.0-liter modular V8 with a pair of Precision 6466 turbochargers (and all the trimmings). Set to generate 27 psi of boost, this pony car is making 1,400hp at the crankshaft. The transmission is built as well.

Tonight, the Mustang will be hitting the streets against a radically modified EVO with a massive turbo. The 2.0-liter DOHC 4G63 (four-cylinder) engine is built and sleeved to handle extreme forced air induction. A big Garrett GTX 4202 turbocharger – turned all the way up to approximately 50 psi – crams air down the snout of this little motor like a pig eats corn. This little EVO is making 1,100hp without the nitrous engaged!

The Ford is making more power, but the DSM is lighter and has all-wheel drive. Should be a pretty even contest.

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