Mad Scientist Auto – Compound Turbo Honda S2000 SCT Atlanta

November 24th, 2020

This crazy Honda S2000 build is a rolling testament to one man’s willingness to overcome dreaded turbo lag. With an overwhelming dedication to shorter elapsed times and increased trap speed, this build is the result of this man’s effort to perfect a compound turbocharger setup on a four-cylinder import. Make no mistake, it’s a one-of design. While it is currently running well, it is only going to get better. Take a gander for yourself.

Under the hood of this roadster is a billet (aluminum) Honda K24 engine. This line of engines is best known for roller rockers and cast iron sleeved cylinders. The K24 power plant used in this particular Honda utilizes a stock block and stock cylinder head (with aftermarket valvetrain components). It also has aluminum connecting rods and the cylinder head has been ported and polished to increase air flow efficiency. Instead of using a more conventional twin turbo setup, this car uses compound turbochargers. A smaller turbo is engaged at low engine speed and a larger turbo takes over as engine RPMs are increased. This eliminated the turbo lag often experienced when coming out of the hole. The smaller turbo in this car is a Borg Warner unit and the big turbo is a Precision Pro Mod 85-millimeter. A methanol injection kit is on the long list of future mods.

This car has already gained a reputation for “toting the front”. As a drag racer, you know that can be good – or it can be bad. Watch the video to see if this experiment can get from A to B and take home the win.

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